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Stabilit is one of the world leading companies in the manufacture and sale of fiberglass-reinforced plastic sheets, with over 50 years' experience.


The company is completely dedicated to customer satisfaction, and has a international presence. Our philosophy is one of continual improvement, constantly offering the latest products to the market.


This position as leaders is based on the use of leading-edge technology in plant and manufacturing processes, and on the high quality and great variety of our products, which are tailor-made to meet our customers' needs.


Quality Policy

Stabilit America is committed to providing products that will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. By setting and monitoring dynamic quality objectives, we will strive to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, based on a continuous training program and complying with local and federal regulations.


Full compliance with the Quality Management System is promoted as a company wide goal and communicated to all employees.



  • 1959 STABILIT founded.
  • 1975 Merged with the IMSA GROUP.
  • 1984 STABILIT Acquires Romagosacompany in Mexico.
  • 1993 Opening of the production plant in Monterrey  Mexico.
  • 1997 STABILIT Acquires Glasteel company in the USA.
  • 2000 STABILIT starts a Joint-venture between Bayer and IMSA GROUP for the manufacture and sale of polycarbonate sheets in America.
  • 2000 Stabilit Europa founded in Barcelona Spain.
  • 2001STABILIT Acquires  Graham company in Ontario Canada.
  • 2001STABILIT Acquires Resolitecompany in Pennsylvania USA.
  • 2002 STABILIT Acquires  Lightfield company Uralita Group in Barcelona Spain.
  • 2003 The new STABILIT EUROPA s.l.u. created from the merger between STABILIT EUROPA s.l. and the acquired LIGHTFIELD.
  • 2005 New Stabilit Europa plant in Barcelona Spain soon to be opened.
  • 2005 Stabilit Europe starts the acrylic line operations
  • 2006 STABILITOpening of the pultrusion plant in Monterrey
  • 2006 Opening of Bayer IMSA new building in Monterrey and start-up of the second line.
  • 2006 STABILIT Integration of the Technology Lab at Monterrey
  • 2006 Integration of IMSA Group and fusion on Verzatec group, Stabilit is a division of Verzatec
  • 2008 STABILIT RV´s production line start up in America.
  • 2008 STABILIT AcquiresOptiplan AG production line
  • 2010 Opening of Polycarbonate and Acrylic Dome production line in Stabilit Mexico
  • 2011 STABILIT starts a Joint-venture with MVCBrasil for the manufacture and sale of polyester fiberglass profiles
  • 2012 Opening of Corrugated Polycarbonate production line in Bayer IMSA













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Metal Building manufacturer association


Accoustical Wall and Ceiling association


Drywall Distributor Network


Associated Building Materials Distributors of America.





Ceiling and Interior Systems Construction Association.



ISO 9001



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