• Metal warehouses
  • Supermarkets
  • Industrial constructions
Easyroof PA


  • Excellent Light transmission
  • UV Protection
  • Prevents Condensation
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Extreme high impact resistance


  • Energy Savings
  • Recyclable
  • Contributes to obtain LEED Credits
  ThicknessWeight (lb/ft2)Weight (g/m2)Light transmission crystalSound reduction indexCold forming radiusStandard colors
Easyroof PA 4WW/30 (Four wall)
30 mm 0.63 3100 52% 21 220 in

Physical Properties
Width m .993
Length  m  to 12.20
Thick  mm 30
Number of walls    4
Weight  kg/m2 3.1
Coefficient of solar heat gain  SHGC 0.36
"U" Values  W/m2 0K 1.59
Soundproofing  dB  21
ASTM Impact D-5628-95 J J 0.83
Thermal Expansion mm/m ºC 0.0654
Working temperature range ºC -40 to 120
Bending radius m 5.6
Light transmission
- Glass


UV Protection   One side
Warranty years 10
Maximum distance for supports
Distance between supports Load
m Pressure Suction
1.5 2100 Pa     Max. 1400 Pa
1.75 1600 Pa
2 1250 Pa
2.25 950 Pa
2.5 750 Pa
Test Classification
ASTM E84-01 Class A-I (NFPA, UBC)
ASTM E84-01 Low smoke density (UBC Standard no. 26-5)
ASTM E84-01 Flame retardant (Classification CC1)
ASTM E84-01 Meets the standard ignition temperature (UBC standard N. 26-6)

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