• Deck & Patio Covers
  • Fencing
  • Awnings
  • Storage Buildings
  • Carports
  • Walkway Covers
  • Garden Sheds


  • Anticorrosive
  • Flexible
  • Resist wind load
  • Gel Coat Protection


  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Economic: Does Not Require Special Structure
SelectionColor SelectionWeightProfile
Opalit Urban Red Mud Almond 6 oz./sq. Ft T-81, T-80, T-60
Green Almond
Opalit Rural Red Cir Almond

Opalit Urban: T-81

Opalit Urban: T-80

Opalit Urban: T-60

Opalit Rural: T-81

Opalit Rural: T-4

Opalit Rural: T-4 & T-60
Double Width

Packing Ring

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Opalit for Industrial applications is highly resistant to corrosive environments while reducing heat buildup indoors, allows exposure of the product outdoors in corrosive areas without alterations in their chemical composition and physical behavior, resulting an excellent opaque ...
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Opalit for Agricultural applications is a result of a unique technological development, based on orthophthalic polyester resin. Engineered to withstand the gases of ammonia, created by the waste of chickens and pigs, resulting an excellent roofing and ceiling product for poultry ...
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Cooling Tower

Opalit Cooling Tower FRP Panels are designed to withstand the extremely corrosive environments often associated with the cooling tower industry and are engineered specifically for use as louvers, stair enclosures and exterior casing.
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