Opalit for Agricultural applications is a result of a unique technological development, based on orthophthalic polyester resin. Engineered to withstand the gases of ammonia, created by the waste of chickens and pigs, resulting an excellent roofing and ceiling product for poultry and hog farms. It offers strength, durability combined with nice presentation. Thanks to its special Gelcoat finish it is protected against harmful UV Rays, humidity and pollution, prevents the fiber bloom and the aging of the product. Opalit is manufactured in all existing profiles in the market and compatible with Glasteel´s light transmitting panels. Upon request available in fire retardant option too.

Features & Benefits


  • Excellent resistance to corrosive environments
  • Weather-resistant, even at extreme temperatures
  • Withstands the gases of ammonia
  • Less heat build-up inside
  • Lightweight


  • Minimal maintenance
  • Fast, cheap & easy installation
Lámina opaca Opalit agricola

Opaque & Semi-Opaque FRP for Agricultural Applications

Typical applications

  • Wall & Roof panels, Ceilings for poultry and hog farms
  • Marine projects
  • Any structure that requires highly resistant materials for corrosive environments


Product RangeColorSurface FinishWeightProfile
Wall & Roof Panel
Smooth, gel coat protected, shiny exterior 8 oz. /sq. Ft T-80, T-81, T-80 DA, T-57
Ceiling Panel
Smooth 6 oz. /sq. Ft T-81

Typical applications


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Profile Selection

Use Profile Distance between supports Weight
Ceiling T-81 From 2 feet 117⁄16 inches (0.90 mts) to 4 feet 1⁄32 inch (1.22 mts) 6 oz./ sq. Ft
Wall T-80 8 oz./ sq. Ft
Wall T-81 8 oz./ sq. Ft
Roof T-60 From 3 feet 3⅜ inches (1 mts) to 4 feet 11 1⁄16 inches (1.5 mts) 8 oz./ sq. Ft
Roof T-57 8 oz./ sq. Ft




Other products of the family


Opalit for Industrial applications is highly resistant to corrosive environments while reducing heat buildup indoors, allows exposure of the product outdoors in corrosive areas without alterations in their chemical composition and physical behavior, resulting an excellent opaque roofing and siding panel in industrial constructions.
Lámina opaca Opalit para Torres de enfriamiento

Cooling towers

Opalit Cooling Tower FRP Panels are designed to withstand the extremely corrosive environments often associated with the cooling tower industry and are engineered specifically for use as louvers, stair enclosures and exterior casing.
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Opalit for Residential applications is an excellent lightweight anti corrosive panel with nice appearance. Its special Gelcoat protection gives additional durability, preventing the fiber bloom and the aging of the product. Easy and fast installation makes it ideal for do it yourself projects around your home.